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Kummerspeck Brings Comfort Food to New Level

Throughout most of 2017, the food scene in Worcester anxiously awaited the opening of a new restaurant called Kummerspeck. No one really knew how to pronounce the name, or what it meant. Word on the street was the place would also have a retail delicatessen, as well as being home to a full-service butcher shop.

Well….Kummerspeck finally did open, we learned how to pronounce the name (koo-mir-speck) and what the name meant – “Grief-Bacon” in German (although the restaurant does not feature German food). In more cultural terms, the name means “the weight gained from emotional eating” as their website so aptly tells us.

And in October the Foodies visited to sample from the eclectic, ever changing menu of comfort food and understand what this restaurant was all about.

Located at 118 Water Street in Worcester’s revitalized Canal District, Kummerspeck offers a tribute to traditional European dishes, accompanied by many American classics, all delivered with a Kummerspeck twist. And because they rely heavily on locally-sourced ingredients, it allows them to create new dishes every day, based on what is available, keeping the menu fresh.

“The menu choices were so unique,” said Lynn. “My choice for dinner was a sophisticated, elevated version of chicken pot pie that had Brussels sprouts in it and was one of the best I’ve ever had,” she added.

Amy commented “The Steak Frites were tender and seasoned perfectly- not overly seasoned or salty- and drizzled with a wonderful horseradish sauce that was balanced with a little bit of sweetness and heat”.

“My duck dinner was one of the best duck dishes I have ever had, said Evan. “The skin was rich, fatty and crispy on the edges. The duck was cooked perfectly medium and well-seasoned. The crispy fried kale gave a sense of health to the meal, minus the fried part. While the duck was on the pricier end of the scale ($32), there is something to say about the old adage ‘of you get what you pay for’. This amazing meal was worth every cent”.

Robyn ordered the Rib Eye and was not disappointed. “The rib eye was cooked exactly how I had ordered it. Tender and flavorful and the perfect accompaniment to the butter-roasted Brussels sprouts”. She also enjoyed the access to the butcher adding, “I loved talking to the head butcher, she was very informative and willing to share her knowledge of the meats from the shop and restaurant”.

During this Foodies’ visit the Shrimp and Grits, Steak Frites and Duck seemed popular choices but everyone felt the diverse menu offered something for everyone.

“For dinner, I ordered the Shrimp and Grits, which was incredible! The grits were prepared perfectly and were spicy and cheesy. The shrimp was tender and paired well with the grits. I felt as though I had been transported down south. It was a meal I would absolutely get again”, offered Stephanie.

The staff at Kummerspeck renovated the space to their liking, right down to the height of the butcher’s countertop, and the build out, butcher shop and bar area did not go unnoticed to the Foodies.

“The aroma of the space was intoxicating as the meat is all prepared and cooked there,” said Stephanie.

“Kummerspeck is brand new to Worcester, so the deep sense of familiarity I felt during my visit was surprising in many respects. Uncanny two-tone soup crocks and nostalgic dishes of my youth instantly transported me back to my grandmother’s kitchen,” said Sarah.

“The bar is easily going to become a great local hangout and the deli case was stocked with fresh items for carry-out”, said Amy.

Kummerspeck is a hybrid concept offering a butcher shop, delicatessen, restaurant and bar. The beverage program features local craft beer, cider and spirit offerings. In speaking with everyone that night you get the sense the team really wants to educate, serve and create a unique and outstanding experience. We think they are well on their way!

This writer thinks Drew summed up most of the Foodies experience with his comments…. “Food was excellent.  Service was attentive.  Ambiance was f&*!-ing ridiculous. I would go again…”