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Your ¡Hola! Moment

Hola Restaurant and Tequila Bar

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and thought, “Hello, I just found my happy place!”? I had one of those lightbulb moments a few weeks ago, though my inner monologue said something closer to, “Hola.” I knew it, just as soon as the smells of fresh tortillas and authentic Mexican food filled the air.  Based on my profile of Quicks Hole, I have a bit of a reputation for praising authentic, well prepared Mexican food. ¡Hola! Restaurante & Tequila Bar fits this profile, but in a more traditional restaurant setting.

When I wrote about Quick’s Hole in Woods Hole, I raved about their tacos, and lamented that I have taco withdrawal come winter. The snowbirds might have Florida, but I have Hola to get me through the cold New England winters, one taco at a time. From the tequila shrimp tacos to the footlong American Burritos and the complimentary homemade tortilla chips with a quartet of salsa – the menu is a crowd pleaser.

Unfortunately, Hola’s location is limiting in that it does not seat very many customers, and arriving anytime after 5:30 on a weekend results in a wait of 45 minutes or more. But, they have come up with an age-old way to pass the time…tequila. And lots of it! There are two distinguishing features of the decor that immediately caught my eye. First, a large juice dispenser filled with margarita mix, and more importantly, a back wall made up entirely of tequila. It is important to mention that more traditional drinks are available as well, yet it is clear that Hola knows it’s tequila. Whether it is a simple marga ta, or the “Diablo” muddled with jalapeños, your tequila clad options are endless. Add a bowl of fresh made guacamole, and so too will your Hola moment arrive.

¡Hola! Restaurante & Tequila Bar can be found at 154 Turnpike Rd Suite 150, Southborough, MA 01772, and online at