Strawberry Mojito at Sweet

The Strawberry Mojito at Sweet on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester.

The Mojito has become an extremely popular summertime concoction. So popular that some establishments have resorted to pre-made mixes and other shortcuts. What we don’t see very often is a mojito made correctly: using premium spirits, fresh ingredients and void of syrups; all of which can be found within the Strawberry Mojito at Sweet Pastry Shop and Dessert Bar on Shrewsbury street in Worcester. Using DonQ rum infused with a hint of natural mint and freshly picked strawberries from Tougas Farm in Northborough, this hand crafted cocktail is void of syrups. With subtle sweetness that is missing the coarse granulation of crystallized sugar, Sweet’s Strawberry Mojito is light, refreshing, and boasts great strawberry flavors with a lingering mint aftertaste. Mojitos done right, finally.