Birchtree Bread Co. offers patrons a sprawling meeting place characterized by natural light, visual art, live music and plenty of caffeine. Located at Crompton Place, Birchtree has effectively maximized the attributes of a former textile factory to bring artisan breads and delicious pastries to the people of Worcester. With the recent addition of a serious bar program, Birchtree has evolved into the ideal spot for a pairing pick-me-up.

While most people have grown accustomed to pairing coffee with baked goods slathered in fruit preserves (after all, coffee itself derives from fruit) it is becoming increasingly commonplace to pair coffee with cheese. It’s not so strange if you think about it – most of us take a dash of dairy in our brew as it is. Not surprisingly, a rich, nutty sheep’s milk cheese pairs seamlessly with the sharp, earthy notes of espresso.

Order a latte made with Fratello Hazelnut Liqueur and pair with the Invierno & Membrillo, served on fresh country bread with Vermont Shepherd sheep’s milk cheese, quince preserves, and almonds. The most successful pairings enhance unique qualities of both food and drink, while creating a third sensation altogether. This pairing illuminates both the rich and rustic complexities of Invierno, bringing out hints of butter and mushrooms.

If you can’t resist something sweet, ask for a Salted Chocolate Rye Cookie to take your spiked latte to the next level. Visit Birchtree Bread Company at 138 Green Street to see for yourself!