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Deadhorse hill Hosts Massachusetts’ First Hemp Dinner

Live at deadhorse hill with the team from Luce Farm for five hemp inspired courses.

Last night, deadhorse hill teamed up with Luce Farm to host Massachusetts’ inaugural hemp dinner. Luce Farm grows Cannabidiol (CBD) in the beautiful hills of Stockbridge, Vermont. For reference: CBD is a non-psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant with a variety of health benefits used to treat everything from anxiety to Lyme Disease. It is legal in all 50 states.

Before the first course of the evening, Chef Jared Forman emerged from the kitchen just long enough to share, “We started working with these farmers under a different name – Sweet Georgia Peach – before they became Luce Farm. As Luce Farm, they continue to operate under organic and sustainable practices. Even now that Luce Farm has converted to hemp production, the farmers have maintained the same ethos. Everything is still organic because they care what they are putting into their bodies and their family members’ bodies.” Highlights from the menu included a whole wheat flour fettuccine served with Luce Farm pork bolognese, sun gold marinara, and kiss the cow ricotta; goat roll with king of the early risers beans, maple syrup, and hemp jus; as well as wine pairings from La Garagista out of Bethel, VT.

Mass Foodies also had a chance to chat with Sophie Shillue from Luce who explained, “I started working for these farmers when I was 16, growing fruits and vegetables. Now, here we are, years later and their great values remain the same. Being able to work with deadhorse hill has been incredible. We want to make sure to connect with everyone here, speak face to face, and share a meal together; tonight gives us that opportunity.” Watch the full interview with Sophie on Facebook Live: