Deadhorse hill is located on Main Street, Worcester where Ritual restaurant used to be. Deadhorse did a fantastic job renovating the space, they exposed the covered up brick walls and tin ceiling and added warm lighting. The windows were open on this cooler August evening which made the experience delightful.

We sat at the bar to order a drink, I chose a bubbly Rosé, it was light and fruity. I was scanning the area and was so happy to see they were using vintage glasses. Throughout our meal we would see more from bowls to plates, it added a bit of fun and nostalgia to our meal. The menu is small and changes everyday we were told, you could pick from several “small” options or a “large” option. I chose the Swordfish & Summer Ratatouille (cherry tomatoes, squash and eggplant) from the “large” section. For an appetizer, a friend ordered Duxbury Oysters with sour cream, onion, crackers for the table. The oysters were cold and amazing, the ingredients listed sounded odd for an oyster but it was one of the best I have tried ( and i have tried a lot). The mixture of the crunchy cracker with the salty oyster was fantastic, something I would have never thought of. My meal arrived in a large bowl, four pieces of swordfish over the ratatouille. The swordfish was cooked perfectly, very moist, the ratatouille was al dente and delicious. I am not a fan of eggplant but it was seasoned so well I ate every bit. Our table became very quiet when our meals came, always a good sign. My friends at the table each loved their meal, we all ordered something different.

From the bartender to our wait staff everyone was warm and welcoming like you were an old friend, that alone makes you want to come back. Our service was quick and on point, especially seeing that the restaurant was filled from the moment we walked in at 6:00pm to when we left at 10:00pm, clearly they are doing something right.

Deadhorse was a warm, wonderful experience. The food was delicious without being pretentious and the way they mix ingredients together is a treat, most of which I had never experienced before. I would not only recommend coming here, I myself can’t wait to return and since their menu changes every day, I am excited to see what my next meal with bring!