As I walked in the door I was stunned to see the detail and effort that was given to renovate the space that had formerly hosted Tweed’s for many years; the bar area and restaurant had a nice look and feel to them. We stopped in at the bar for a quick drink and were greeted by friendly bartenders and a decent beer and drink selection.

Oak Barrel Tavern offers a fairly traditional Pub/Tavern menu with classics like meatloaf, fish and chips, mac and cheese. After reviewing the menu I decided to go with what was described as an OBT signature item – The Country Fried Steak. The Country Fried Steak was served with mashed potato’s and green beans. The green beans were lightly grilled and had a nice taste to them and the mashed potatoes were also pretty good. The Country Fried Steak was rather small and non descript. While it is described as OBT classic I have the sneaking suspicion that it may have been a pre-portioned food service item. It was served with a brown gravy and was ok, but not something that I would have called a classic item on my menu.

Service at the OBT was good. Our server Matt was helpful and came around and checked on us and grabbed drinks whenever we needed. The atmosphere was nice and it had a comfortable pub feel and was nicely renovated with good attention to detail. OBT would be a great place to go out with friends or coworkers after work to hang out and grab a few drinks.