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Chowda and Sandwich for Dinner at Bootlegger’s Prohibition Pub

New England Clam Chowder & Veggie Sandwich from Bootleggers Prohibition Pub on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA

My first thought was that Bootleggers Prohibition Pub had a nice looking makeover and could I get some moonshine at the huge bar. Turns out you can! So let the drinks flow…

I looked over the menu and found a few things I wouldn’t mind trying out. I settled on the chowder and a veggie sandwich. The chowder was excellent, creamy and full of clams and flavor. Great portion size and quite filling. The sandwich was a disappointment. It was described as having fresh avocado, sweet onion, tomato, garlic oil, balsamic vinegar served in a pressed Italian roll. There was very little avocado, maybe two small slices and the sweet onion was scarce as well. I had to ask for more of the balsamic vinegar because I think they forgot to even add it to the bread. I was pretty disappointed. Huge shrug. I am not sure I would get back there anytime soon, but the drinks were worth a trip to hang at the very cool bar.

Excellent servers at the Bootlegger. Everyone from the front desk host to the waiter we had all evening- were super friendly and helpful. Great staff makes a place worth going back to…

Overall, the evening at Bootlegger was a fun night. I’d try some other kinds of food if I go back, and I hope they step up their veggie options. I’d certain say keep the moonshine flowing and keep that delicious chowder!