The Hangover Pub (named because of the hangover meals it was intended to provide),  at 102 Green Street in Worcester, MA, is just down the street from the Dive Bar. You’ll know the place if you are a local. It has a city parking lot right next door which is very handy. It’s pretty small and tucked away with several other businesses. When you walk in, theres a very sizable bar and several hightop tables. When I arrived, the restaurant was already full—and it was only 6pm on a Tuesday night! That’s a good sign.

When we came in, the hostess immediately knew we were with the Foodies group—probably because I didn’t have a beard and skinny jeans on and was about twice the age of most everyone in the bar. She took us to the back room where our party was seated. Our waitresses came over right away to take our drink orders. I had the Bacon Bourbon Manhattan. A very delightful cocktail garnished with a giant piece of brown sugar/maple glazed bacon.

Our party of 18 mingled for a while and then sat down to order. First I ordered the “Man Candy,” no it wasn’t some sort of hunky dude with a beard and fuzzy chest. It was a glass of thick cut bacon that was covered with brown sugar and a maple glaze. Yes, I did share, but I could have eaten them all myself; it was a wonderful way to start off my meal. Then I ordered the Steak Frites with watercress, cilantro, chimichurri and truffled house cut fries with pecorino. The fries were a hit right away. I love truffled house cut fries and shared with my friends who enjoyed them very much. The steak was sliced and I had asked for it to be cooked medium rare. It was cooked perfectly, although I suspect it had sat waiting before arriving with the other meals as it wasn’t as juicy as I’d hoped (but, it is hard to plate and serve a party with so many people at once, especially since it’s a pub and not a full service restaurant, but, I enjoyed it nonetheless).

Our waitresses were on the ball and were there to help us out in any way. Even Jay, the owner, came over to chat with us and thank us for our patronage. He was very charming and helpful, stressing that “anything you need, just ask.” We all found that to be nice and a fun challenge!

All in all, I found it to be a fun pub to go to for its trendy hipster attitude and bacon flair. It would definitely be a great place to stop in for a couple of drinks and apps with friends or for a quick bite if you are in the mood for some bacon.