Volcano Roll from Baba Sushi on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

I was so excited to hear we were going to Baba Sushi. We sat in the back patio, an oasis that made you feel like you weren’t in the city, never mind busy Park Ave.

Walking into the back room, you are greeted with a trickling rock water display, some greenery, and a lofted ceiling.

I ordered a crisp Sauvignon Blanc to start and the Seaweed Salad as an appetizer. It was a large portion served fresh with light oil. Perfect!

For my meal I chose the Volcano Roll in a soy wrap, which is California maki topped with baked scallop, crabmeat, spicy mayo, tobiko, and scallion.

Baba is the only place I can find the Volcano Roll with the scallop and crabmeat topping baked. Typically restaurants will serve it cold on top. As usual, Baba’s Volcano Roll was substantial with a heaping mound of baked scallop and crab.

The fish was fresh. There was not too much tobiko sauce either. And, the topping was warm and crispy with mouthfuls of scallop and crab.

My Foodies friend ordered some sashimi and I tried my favorite: the scallop. This sushi perfection was thickly cut and cold. It melted in my mouth.

Wilson came by our table to welcome us. Plus he left us a complimentary chilled bottle of Saki for each table. Wilson’s friendly, gracious demeanor is another reason I keep coming back.

I simply cannot say enough about Baba Sushi. I do have a tip: Try their Hamachi Kama (baked yellowtail jaw). This is the only place that I can find it. It is buttery and light, truly something worth ordering.