Salmon Salad from Via on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA

The latest Foodies gathering was Sunday morning brunch at Via Italian Table on Shrewsbury Street. It is unusual for us to get together for brunch but certainly a nice change. We were seated on the patio which made for a wonderful experience, the weather was magnificent with warm sunshine and a nice breeze.

I have not been to Via in quite some time and had never enjoyed brunch there so I was looking forward to seeing what changes had been made and how the brunch menu would be constructed. Being that it was brunch I opted to start with a Smoking Mary – Via’s take on a Bloody Mary. Mixed with Tito’s vodka and Dow’s 10 year Port, the drink was satisfying but not as rich and bold as other Bloody Mary’s I have had, but it certainly did the trick.

The entree list was extensive, and nothing was perfectly “traditional” (which is fine by me). Via added some little twists that made the dishes a bit more adventurous, French Toast Casserole, Porchetta Eggs Benedict, Bacon Egg and Cheese served on an Italian Baguette and other nice changes. For my meal I chose the Salmon Salad. The meal was served with a huge piece of perfectly grilled salmon, light and flaky, along with fresh avocado, corn, cherry tomatoes, zucchini ribbons, mixed greens and homemade pesto. Interestingly there was not any dressing per se added to the salad allowing for the ingredient combination and pesto to mix in a wonderful fresh, light and delicate manner.

My dining partner and I shared a hash brown cake, which we asked to be served extra crispy. When it arrived we added some salt and a little hot sauce (a must) and we had the perfect side dish to eat with meals.

When I was done, I felt satisfied but not stuffed, a great way to start a wonderful Sunday morning!

Overall brunch at Via Italian Table was fantastic. The patio is a wonderful place to enjoy a meal, the food itself was outstanding and the service was very good. I look forward to enjoy brunch here again, hopefully very soon!