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Sweet Clams at the Boynton

Sweet Steamed Clams at the Boynton on Highland Street in Worcester, MA

Sweet Steamed Clams at the Boynton on Highland Street in Worcester, MA

The Boynton always has a busy family feel to the place. This location is very large and can accommodate a lot of people. And even though they are busy every night of the week the staff always does a nice job of welcoming us all. There is a TV on every wall and if it is showing something you don’t want to watch – just ask and they will change the channel to another show for you.

I’ve eaten here a lot and I like that there is a very extensive menu. What ever you are in the mood for they are likely to have something to satiate you. Tonight, I was feeling like having some seafood. They have tuna, salmon, shrimp, scallops, and other seafood items on the menu. There was a steamers special that caught my eye and so I went for it. Once again the Boynton did a nice job, the steamers came out hot and clean, served with generous sides of broth and butter. Every steamer meal I have indulged in has had a bit of grit or an unopened clam or or two in the mix. That was not the case here. They were clean and sweet. And everyone single one of them was open and edible. I love the larger clams and there were plenty of them. I was full by the time I waded through them all.

Our waitress was exceptional. She got all the drinks correct, the apps out quickly, and was on top of everything that night. Including the checks for everyone, it was all accurate and she was friendly and kind.

We will be back again and again. Great place to watch a game, hang out with friends over a good meal, or sit at the bar and have a few drinks. The food’s always been yummy and the place is warm and cozy for such a large location.

Atmosphere: Liked

Food: Liked

Service: Liked

Overall: Liked