Sizzling Mongolian Beef from Pho Dakao on Park Avenue in Worcester, MAPho Dakao is one of my favorite places to eat in Worcester, not only because of the food but because the overall experience is outstanding. Service is always good, food is fresh and tasty, atmosphere is casual and inviting and you can enjoy a variety of well prepared meals at a very reasonable price.

For this Foodies adventure, our end of the table started with a few appetizers including the beef teriyaki and a bowl of seafood and pork soup, both of which were a great way to start our meal. As Pho Dakao is one of my “go to” places for food, I am familiar with the menu but usually find myself ordering a rice dish, noodle dish or Pho soup. Tonight I was in the mood for beef, so for my main dish I ordered the Sizzling Mongolian Beef. When it arrived at the table, it sizzled and snapped, just as it should and the flavors filled the air to the point my dining companions couldn’t wait to get their chop sticks into it! The sliced sirloin was perfectly cooked charbroiled outside and tender inside, and flavored with a mix of teriyaki, onions, scallions and ginger. I asked for mine to be cooked spicy and the heat that was added made it even more enjoyable. The dish was served with a bowl of white rice, which by itself may not be the most exciting addition, but eaten with the main dish added a simple flavor and texture that seemed to bring the whole dish together. As usual, my experience at Pho Dakao was outstanding and I was happy to enjoy another wonderful meal with my WorcesterFoodie friends!