Scaloppine alla Oscar

Please note there are multiple reviews:

I began my meal at Nuovo Restaurant with a Caesar Salad made with romaine hearts, homemade croutons and homemade creamy Caesar dressing. It was a generous salad and the greens were very fresh. The dressing was very good but not a creamy as one would expect from the menu. The croutons were plentiful and excellent. It was a very enjoyable and nice starter.

For the Main Course I selected Scaloppine alla Oscar. Sautéed veal medallions with crab meat, asparagus and topped with hollandaise sauce. It was served with Ortega rice. The veal was lightly breaded , tender and sautéed to perfection.  The crab meat was noticeable and added to the taste combination of veal and hollandaise sauce. The asparagus was crisp and not overcooked. The Ortega rice had spinach added and if one is not familiar with this rice it is a flavorful but a different taste. Perhaps a hint of nutmeg!!! It complimented the veal; a bit heavier on the taste buds that I expected. The portion was more than adequate. It reheated nicely the next day for lunch.

The entrée when served was hot and attractively y presented on the plate. The service was excellent and the waiter did check frequently to be one had all that they needed. The price of both the salad and entrée were well worth the price.  Nuovo Restaurant has a warm and inviting atmosphere. A restaurant I will return to. -JB

Having been to Nuovo Restaurant on Shrewsbury Street once when they first opened back in June of 2011, I was looking forward to returning. The atmosphere is warm and inviting with exposed brick walls, dim lighting, candles, and comfortable leather  booths, seats, and benches. I began the evening indulging in a glass of Seven Oaks 2006 J Lohr  Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine came highly recommended by our waiter and was delicious with fruity undertones. Each sip left a lingering sweetness on my palate.

Prior to the appetizers, we were served crusty rolls accompanied by the most delicious, and unexpected lemon, yogurt spread. The spread was light and creamy, a delicious alternative to butter or olive oil. I wanted to order some to go so I could enjoy this condiment at home!

I ordered the baby octopus for an appetizer. The octopus were tender and delicious, cooked and served in white wine, garlic, and shallots. The broth was almost as delicious as the seafood. The same appetizer that I had with my first meal in 2011 and had longed to have again.

For my main course, I had the Scaloppine alla Oscar. This dish consisted of sauteed veal medallions with crab meat, asparagus, topped with hollandaise sauce and served with a side of Ortega rice. When the meal arrived, the dish consisted of 5-6 small, thinly sliced, circular pieces of veal. The meat was bathing in a sea of olive oil, garnished with 2 overcooked pieces of asparagus. There was no crab to be seen. I opted for the hollandaise to be on the side and glad that I did, because it was extremely thick, and would have been a fatty combination with the surplus of olive oil already on the dish. The veal itself was lightly breaded and seared. Unfortunately, unlike the tender octopus, the veal was tough and chewy. While the veal was underwhelming, the rice was exquisite. It arrived in a separate dish with a portion large enough to feed a family of four. While I was expecting white rice, I was served a creamy, risotto-like dish with spinach and parmesan cheese. Each bite was an explosion of flavor, creaminess, and texture.

Nuovo provided a wonderful ambiance and atmosphere to sit back and relax with a glass of wine and some unusual, delicious appetizers.  While I was disappointed in my main course, I know—based on the other meals and my own past experience—that it is not the norm. I look forward coming again, either on a date or even at the bar with the girls, where I can try something else from Nuovo‘s extensive menu. -AV