Scallops with Basil from Thai Time on Highland Street in Worcester, MA

Upon entering Thai Time those familiar with the previous restaurants that inhabited this location were greeted with a cleaned up version of its predecessors. The staff was friendly and helpful. After reviewing the menu, I decided to shy away from my usual favorite types of Thai food and opted for the scallops with basil.

Described as a slightly spicy basil dish with green peppers, onions, broccoli, mushrooms and a spicy basil sauce. The dish was well prepared and included sliced zucchini which was a nice addition. The scallops were small and did not seem to take on flavors of the spicy basil sauce. The vegetables were perfectly sautéed and the flavors were clean and fresh tasting, but seemed to be lacking a little kick or edge to them. Overall, the dish could have benefited from a little more basil and spice.

Overall, my dining experience at Thai Time left me looking for a little more. Neither the location nor my meal left me clamoring for more. The food quality and taste for me was respectable but left me looking for a little more.  Thai Time seemed to have a fairly heavy college student following that looked to be enjoying their dining experience. A return trip is in store for me to try a few different things and see how they perform on my second go.