Quiche from Armsby Abbey on Main Street in Worcester, MA

Quiche — Sundried Tomatoes, Roasted Leeks, Crimini & Shitake Mushrooms, Smith’s Farm Smoked Gouda and local organic Eggs served with a side of fresh dressed local greens.

Being that it was brunch, a Bloody Mary sounded perfect and being that we were at Armsby Abbey I knew I would have many quality choices. I decided on a Bloody Mary with jalepano, lime and olives in a sea salt and pepper rimmed glass. As soon as our drinks were delivered to the table, I was disappointed….not in my drink, but in fact that one of my dining companions got huge thick slice of bacon in their Bloody Mary and I had overlooked the option on the vast menu; next time the bacon will be in mine for sure!The brunch at Armsby Abbey has always been on my radar but for some reason, I just haven’t been able to get there. When our Foodies group decided to go, I was more than excited to be part of it.

The restaurant prides itself on locally grown and sourced ingredients and everything on the menu looked appetizing. I decided on the Quiche which had sundried tomatoes, leeks, shiitake mushrooms and gouda and came with a side salad of freshly dressed local greens. The portion, while not super-sized, was sufficient. The crust was moist and flaky and held the ingredients together nicely. The egg was fluffy and the flavors were outstanding; particularly the mushrooms and leeks which infused a strong contrast to the simple egg concoction. The side greens also provided a contrasted to the quiche with tangy, yet not overpowering dressing.

The decor at the Armsby Abbey is comfortable with rich wood tables and bar, exposed brick and black iron railings and works perfectly for a relaxing and flavorful brunch experience. -JG


I have to say that breakfast is my favorite meal so when Worcester Foodies decided to check out Armsby Abbey for brunch I was very excited. A quick glance at the menu revealed many delicious yet carbohydrate laden dishes, then I found what I was looking for: a low carb, filling, and tasty meal. The Quiche sounded perfect, “Sundried Tomatoes, Roasted Leeks, Crimini & Shitake Mushrooms, Smith’s Farm Smoked Giuda and local organic Eggs served with a side fresh dressed local greens.” Of course I would need to add a side of bacon with that!

All I can say is: Superb! I can’t think of anything that I would change — from the delicious spicy Bloody Mary, the fluffy perfectly cooked quiche, the fresh salad, the crisp thick bacon, to the friendly professional wait staff — all perfect. If you are looking for special treat and a great way to start a Sunday this winter you need to have brunch at Armsby Abbey.  -RS