I’d describe Nuovo Restaurant‘s menu as Italian with strong Middle Eastern flare beginning with warm rolls when you sit down served with Mediterranean spices in oil and a lemony garlic yogurt sauce. This was a REALLY great way to start a meal. The yogurt ‘sauce’ is the same that came with my meal and is better described as spread with the consistency labneh or a stiff Greek yogurt. The equivalent of 1-2 medium sized meatballs were sliced and grilled in a half rainbow display on my plate alongside risotto, white bean salad, and dollop of yogurt spread. The heavily Mediterranean spiced meatballs were amazing and reminded me of another middle eastern delight, falafel. I preferred the white bean salad over the pea and carrot risotto but would have been content with just the meatballs and yogurt spread – quite enjoyable on their own, but even better when each bite of meatball is dipped into the yogurt sauce. I’d definitely return to Nuovo, but will stick to the more affordable lunch menu. -MO