Pho originated in the early 20th century in northern Vietnam, apparently southeast of Hanoi in Nam Định Province. Pho was originally sold at dawn and dusk by roaming street vendors, who shouldered mobile kitchens on carrying poles. As this Vietnamese staple traveled west and was introduced to the Americas, the roots stayed the same but new culinary twists have been put on this dish for new flavors and profiles for the ever-evolving world of food and taste buds, alike. At Pho Dakao, a modern environment is met with Vietnamese comfort food in the form of pho. I was looking for a something that I may not have necessarily tried before. I settled on the pho (large bowl: $8.75) with raw steak, well done flank, tendon and tripe…yes, tripe!!! I decided to go with a flavorful chicken broth, white noodles, bean sprouts and jalapeno slices. The raw beef steadily cooked in the hot broth as I indulged in various veggies and assorted meats. The tripe was actually a pleasant surprise. The was a slight gaminess to it, as it is the lining of a cow’s stomach, but there was a nice texture to it as it was enjoyed with the broth. The addition of some Sriracha to the broth made for a pleasant, warming sensation the more you ate. Overall, the combination of chicken broth, the fresh veggies and various meats made this soup unlike any other soup I have ever had but made me want to go back again for more. If you are in the mood for something off the beaten path, or a cuisine that is out of the ordinary, this is the place for you to try next date night!