Pasta with Blue crab from Brew City on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA

Feeling in the mood for something different from pub type fare—burgers, pastas, sandwiches, pizzas and entrees—I reviewed the extensive menu at Brew City and narrowed my selection to a few less traditional items, ultimately opting for the pasta with blue crab.

Yes, I was opting for pasta with blue crab at a brew pub, but when the waitress revealed it was her favorite dish it confirmed my decision. The dish was described as a lump of blue crab with a lemon butter sauce, spinach, tossed with a bucatini pasta, and it arrived as described. The bucatini pasta was perfectly cooked and was a pasta a little thicker then a spaghetti type pasta but hollow; it was perfectly sautéed with a lemon butter sauce with fresh spinach and a decent amount of small pieces of lump crab meat.

Overall, I was quite content with my dinner choice. The restaurant has the standard brew pub style and feel to it, the service was good and the variety of menu choices was appealing. To the credit of Brew City they seemed to have a wide variety of choices on the menu, yet provide good quality selections whether you were ordering simple pub food, burgers, seafood or any of their other options. Top of their wide selection of entrees with a flight of beers from their vast selection of beers and you have a winner.