O'Connor's Seafood Mac and Cheese

What’s the best thing to order at a pub with a mostly Irish feel to it? Why Mac and Cheese of course. At least if you are at O’Connor’s where you know the seafood is fresh and delicious. And then they create it with some of the most complimentary cheese’s seafood can find… then bake it in the oven till its brown on top and oeey gooey inside. That’s why I ordered the Seafood Mac and Cheese. It had large shrimp, delicate scallops, and yes even a bit of real crab. Rich and creamy. The cavatappi pasta was perfectly cooked- and I mean not over cooked and mushy, but the perfect el dante with just a hint of a bite to it. It was swimming in a garlic three cheese sauce that had a hint of spices. All this was topped with a crunchy, buttery panko crumb that tasted like parmesan cheese was added to create a wonderful top layer. But lets talk about the inside again. Some mac and cheese’s just don’t have enough sauce and the pasta drys out and gets hard and icky, that will never be the case with this one. The sauce was abundant and each bite had some if its thick cheese. That is why this was a very satisfying and yummy meal.