Meat Lasagna from Dino's on Lord Street in Worcester, MA

Dino’s Restaurant is located slightly off the beaten path in what I would call a residential area. This is a good old fashioned Italian restaurant, The building is a sturdy wooden structure, resembling a home or house with upstairs serving as the restaurant area and bar.

They offer a large selection of Italian fair.  I found their menu to be quite large and arranged by type, with your veal, chicken, seafood and pasta’s all in their own sections. I was a little overwhelmed with the size of the menu, so many choices and so many dishes.

For dinner I chose under their menu heading of “Dino’s Classic Pasta” and went with the Meat Lasagna. This lasagna was fantastic. It was stuffed with meat and then topped with a rich and heavy meat sauce. The serving size was immense and could have easily fed 2 people.  After choosing a chicken rice soup as my starter and having some of their amazingly soft and excellent bread prior to my meal. I felt I didn’t do my meal justice. The bread they served prior to the meal was excellent. They serve it with your choice of a bruschetta topping (Tomatoes, onions in a vinegar and oil dressing) or you could slather it with butter or use the traditional olive oil they have on all the tables. I can honestly say the lasagna is something I would come back for.

For good ole fashioned Italian food on a reasonable budget come explore Dino’s.