Massaman Curry from Thai Time on Highland Street in Worcester

The location of Thai Time is that of the old Acapulco on Highland Street which was an all-time favorite of mine – I noticed much of the inside hasn’t changed, which I was happy about!

I started out with the Chive Pancake with ginger sauce as an appetizer, which I shared. I did not specify fried or steamed (I wanted to be surprised) and two small pancakes arrived fried. It was a puffy, crispy, chewy, fried dough stuffed with scallions, it was a perfect mix, the doughy, crunchy outside and savory, onion filled inside! Perfect for dipping in the ginger sauce. My only complaint is I wish they served more than two! For my entrée I selected the Massaman Curry sauce with peanuts, potato, onion, green peppers, tofu and carrots. The restaurant allowed you to select which grade of spiciness you would like your sauce to be (you could also order it without any spice) – they had three, one being mild and three being hot, I selected two after the wait staff advised that the three was super- hot. The dish arrived in a large plate that held a lot of food, aside from all my vegetables, peanuts and tofu, it was also served with a generous portion of white rice. The sauce, a creamy coconut, was delicious, I had never tried this type of sauce before so I was pleasantly surprised. I was thankful I ordered the second grade spice because it was plenty spicy! The spice offset the richness of the coconut sauce and created a perfect balance for my palate. The vegetables and tofu were cooked perfectly, there were plenty of peanuts added to the dish which made it even more tasty. The rice, which I soaked in the sauce made it a perfect meal. The menu is large and inventive and I look forward to returning to try the many other options they provide.