There was a defining moment in my dining experience at Nuovo Restaurant, the moment when I knew that I had one of the best waiters in Worcester.  It was the moment I took the first bite of my entrée, the entrée that without hesitation he recommended.   It was the moment when I stopped hearing my dinner companions’ chatter, the moment when all my senses focused on the amazing and complex blending of flavors dancing in my mouth.   The menu description made it sound good, sure, but all the menu descriptions sounded good.  When I asked our waiter what he recommended, I didn’t get a namby-pamby, “Oh, they are all good” or “It really depends on what you like.”  He told me straight out, “Get the Filet Napoleon.”   And so, because I listened, I got to dine on one of the moistest, most tender, and flavorful filets I have ever had.  No single flavor dominated the sauce.  The garlic, shallots, tomatoes, baby spinach, and cabernet blended seamlessly to create an intense and sophisticated flavor.  The perfectly cooked risotto was the perfect complement for absorbing the extra sauce, so not a drop was wasted.  Oh, and the wine the waiter recommended was pretty dang good, too.-JD