Duck Choo Chee from Thai Time on Highland Street in Worcester, MA

I had the privilege of choosing this month’s Worcester Foodies location. My choice, based on one excellent experience prior to, was the recently opened Thai Time on the corner of Highland Street and Denny Street. Some of you may remember this location formerly as Tortilla Sam’s, and even earlier days as The Mexican Acapulco (80’s flashback). The layout has not changed and neither has its BYOB policy. Parking is difficult, as with any spot within that area, but manageable.

I began my experience with the Pork Dumplings appetizer and chose steamed over fried. Six somewhat small sized dumplings arrived on the plate with a side of light soy sauce. They were fresh, not frozen and full of flavor. If I had to point out anything, I would only say, make them bigger! Otherwise, a great appetizer.

For my entrée’ I went for one of my go to’s when dining Thai, Duck Choo Chee. Traditionally, Choo Chee is served over fish. I was introduce to the Duck Choo Chee dish a few years back at a Thai restaurant and fell in love with it. You can find it at most Tai restaurants however; Thai Time did not have it on the menu. They had Choo Chee dishes, and they had duck–three different prepared styles actually–but not them combined. Which leads me to exemplify how great this place is; they created it from scratch, and it was fantastic! I’m always overly impressed when restaurants can get off the beaten path to accommodate.

A great addition to the Highland Street area and to Worcester’s growing list of great dining choices. A reasonably priced menu, excellent service and fantastic food, Thai Time is a winner. Highly recommended!