Cucumber Sashimi from Baba Sushi on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

When thinking about Baba Sushi, I was a bit nervous about fitting in the tiny restaurant. I sat snugly in the main dining area during past visits to the popular establishment.

For this week’s Foodies gathering, we found ourselves on the back patio—an enclosed space that was both comfortable and beautiful. The dim lighting and relaxing music add a bit of romance to the room. This new seating location, which could easily accommodate 20 people, was definitely a wise expansion.

One thing to note is that there is only one restroom, which is not easily accessible from the patio. I would recommend adding another bathroom in the back so patrons can avoid passing through the main dining room’s tight quarters.

Prior to eating at Baba, I took a quick glance at their menu online. With an array of selections from starters to soups and salads, sushi plates and a number of entrees, several menu items struck my fancy.

I opted to split the King Maki and the Cucumber Sashimi along with a traditional Philly roll.

My better half’s selection—the delicious King Maki—was an obvious favorite in the bunch. The spicy Alaskan king crab and avocado were stuffed in a soy wrap tempura-style topped with eel sauce. The crunch of the tempura wrap perfectly accompanied the texture of the smooth avocado and crab.

I went for the Cucumber Sashimi because the unique ingredients and flavors stood out to me unlike any other on the menu. What really excited me was the sheer amount of seafood in this roll. Tuna, king crab, and salmon all made an appearance. The fish was wrapped with sliced cucumber and topped with mango salsa and black caviar.

The Cucumber Sashimi was distinct. The heaping portions of fish were tender. The cucumber was crunchy. The mango salsa provided a nice sweetness. However, I probably wouldn’t order it again.

I found the portion was too much for your standard one-bite sushi roll. When it comes to sushi, I am more traditional and would prefer the tempura or the rice and seaweed wrap. Both rolls were $16. Both provided enough food for a light dinner to share.

To enhance your experience, pair your dinner with one of Baba’s signature cocktails. The Ginger Flower was delicious and refreshing.

Also, if you have room for dessert, there are a handful of indulgences you may enjoy. The Key lime cheesecake was amazing! The tangy Key lime flavoring paired with the richness of the cheesecake and a coconut crust was SO GOOD!

Our waiter, Brad, was wonderful—personable and attentive. When I go out to dinner, it is important, to me, that the server knows the menu. Brad knew every roll and every ingredient without skipping a beat. The food was delivered in a timely manner, which was impressive given that everything is made fresh to order.

Baba is such an incredible place to go for dinner and drinks. I am glad it is in Worcester. With a number of awards including Best Chef and Best Sushi Restaurant, I would recommend making a reservation because this desired hot spot fills up fast. You won’t want to pass up this innovative sushi experience!