Crown Roll from Baba Sushi from Baba Sushi

Baba Sushi offers a relaxed dining experience with a romantic atmosphere and dim mood lighting. It’s the perfect place to bring a date, your spouse, or some friends you want to impress.

The restaurant is small but the expansion on the large back patio, which is heated for wintertime, adds many tables. It even accommodated our party of 16 with plenty of space for more.

Hmmm, the food. I love many of the rolls and sashimi here but tonight I had the Crown Roll, which is lobster tail tempura, Alaskan king crab, avocado, and tobiko in a soy wrap.

Seriously, who doesn’t like lobster? I love it and need to have it all the time. What sets this roll apart is the soy wrapper—this is not your typical seaweed wrap. It balances the other bold flavors bursting in your mouth.

And I got the Crunchy Maki, which includes crabstick, tempura crumbs, scallion, tobiko, and special sauce. I love the Crunchy Maki! For some reason I haven’t found anything similar at other sushi places. Baba adds tempura crumbs to give the roll that “crunch” factor. It’s one of my absolute favorites. I order it every time I go.

Brad was our handsome, young server. I say handsome because all the ladies at our table mentioned it. Quite a bit actually. Go Brad! Anywho he was also very nice and friendly. He helped answer any questions we had and was quick to offer suggestions. He was attentive to our needs and always had our glasses filled with water.

My overall review is that this is hands down in my top five restaurants in Worcester. I’d go all the time if I could. The owner, Wilson, and his crew have won Worcester’s Best Chef five times—and they deserve it! Having known them from the beginning, it’s great to see locals succeed. I’m happy to play my part by eating all the yummy food!