Chicken Roulades from Livia's Dish on Main Street in Worcester, MAOne if my favorite parts about being a Worcester Foodie is experiencing restaurants that my husband and I normally wouldn’t frequent. For those of you who continue to read my reviews (thank you by the way) I apologize if I sound redundant, but Livia’s Dish was a pleasant surprise!

The location, though a bit off the beaten paths of Worcester, was nicely decorated and much larger than I expected! Being the first to arrive (a must since my husband runs the site) we were quickly escorted to our table by a pleasant hostess and introduced to our energetic waitress. After placing a drink order we waited for our fellow foodies to arrive all while perusing the menu which was unique and full of tasty dishes! Once our rowdy group was settled, I placed my order- Chicken Roulades ~ which consisted of chicken wrapped around roasted tomatoes, creamy spinach and parmesan cheese topped with wild mushroom marsala sauce. YUM!

Before or meals arrived to the table, our waitress brought over crusty bread with a homemade hummus dipping sauce that was to die for. I think I ate three pieces before literally forcing myself to move the plate out of my reach so that I could leave room for my main dish. My chicken arrived piping hot which I know can be a bit tricky when serving a large group. My first bite was a tender, moist taste of pounded chicken breast. The tomatoes were smokey and the wilted spinach was wrapped in sharp melted Parmesan cheese. The mushroom sauce was delicious, although did need a dash of salt to bring out the flavor. The chicken came with roasted potatoes that were… Wait for it…legitimately home made…no reheated mass-produced potatoes at Livia’s Dish. The wedges were crisp and well seasoned on the outside with thyme and garlic and warm and soft on the inside. When dipped in the Marsala sauce – utopia! Needless to say, despite the bread (and the house salad which was also tasty – two words…fried chickpeas) I ate the entire dish!

Needless to say, I look forward to returning to try out their weekend brunch – hello Bellini pitchers – and explore the rest of the mouth-watering menu.