Boynton Cheeseburger with Bacon

The Boynton Restaurant is one of Worcester’s most well-know names, having been a favorite of Wootown families, college students, business folk and alike for many, many years. It is the place where you meet old friends for a beer, bring out-of-towners to for a quintessential Worcester experience, meet up for a Thanksgiving reunion or enjoy dinner out with family. And this month, Worcester Foodies made it their 53rd monthly gathering.

Over the years the Boynton has changed dramatically, expanding the dining room, growing the menu and changing the overall atmosphere. What was once a local neighborhood watering hole has over time become one of Worcester’s busiest and best-known casual dining and drinking establishments.

For our Foodies gathering we were seated upstairs in one of the dining rooms. A nice bright spot, a few TVs and plenty of room to accommodate not only our group but another large group behind us. After a long debate, my dining partner and I started with the Tuna Sashimi, a deliciously fresh, thinly sliced Cajun seared tuna appetizer that was served over a bed of pickled Asian coleslaw and wasabi. The tuna was seared perfectly, leaving a crispness to the edges while leaving the tuna raw and tender. Paired with the slaw and the flavors rivaled any great Japanese restaurant I have enjoyed. Since I shared this appetizer I was left wanting more and will consider the Tuna entree next time I go to the Boynton!

The menu at the Boynton is huge, there is absolutely something for everyone and the list of draught beer is never ending. I had been craving beef all day, so I decided on a medium rare Boynton Cheeseburger with bacon. Our server gladly substituted a salad instead of the fries and onion rings. The burger was made from fresh, high-quality sirloin and well-seasoned to bring out the richness of the meat. To the bite it was seared outside, juicy and tender inside…perfectly cooked. And no pre-cooked, heat-it-up later bacon on this burger which added a nice smokey flavor. The roll, while indiscreet, did the job, holding the burger, bacon, lettuce and tomato in place. All and all, a well constructed burger at a very reasonable price. I enjoyed an ice cold Wachusett Country Ale with my meal and when done, was completely satisfied.

Since our group is all about the food, I was also able to sample the Fish Tacos and the Tugboat sandwich, both of which were outstanding and flavorful.

Let me add this….having lived in the Worcester area for many years, I have been to the Boynton many times (as many in our group have been). Be forewarned. The Boynton is always busy – always. Make a reservation, don’t expect to walk in at dinner time and just sit down right away, it won’t happen. Even though they have their own private lot behind the building, the parking situation can be difficult at times. The bar can be loud – it’s a bar, often times with lots of college kids – they drink beer and get loud. The service might be slow – the place is big and they serve a lot of people everyday, sometimes the service isn’t perfect.

The Boynton was very good. The food, the prices, the service and the atmosphere was exactly what I expected. I even got a good parking spot.