A few of your favorite restaurants want you to try cooking at home this summer. No joke. Just ask Lynn Cheney of Lettuce Be Local whose unique spin on the CSA is changing the way Central Mass thinks about food. She has strategically selected three pickup locations at area restaurants in different neighborhoods of the city in order to foster ease and walkability for residents. Pickups can be made at deadhorse hill downtown, Lock 50 in the Canal District and simjang on Shrewsbury Street. Orders can be personalized based on each member’s needs from week to week and offers accessibility to Cheney’s wide network of farms, previously only available to chefs. The CSA does not include dairy and meat at this time.

Meet the Only Woman Worcester's Top Chefs Trust With Their Beef, Farmer Joan WalkerIf it’s meat you’re after, look no farther than Walker Farm. I should warn you that obtaining Joanie Walker’s beef can be as challenging as Elaine Benes ordering a cup of soup. Joanie only sells to chefs who will do justice to her herd of grass-fed Red Devon cattle known for their healthy, hearty, marbled meat. You’ve probably enjoyed the results of her love and labor at Armsby Abbey, deadhorse hill, or the International’s Fireplace Room. Joanie’s reputation is steadfast among local foodies for producing the highest quality beef in the region. I visited Walker Farm in New Braintree in order to fully appreciate Joanie’s patience and care for her cows. (Rest assured, I went home with a freezer full of meat.)

This month, the Worcester Foodies visited 110 Grill where they admired the “very cool outdoor patio and fire pit that was bustling on the beautiful summer evening we visited.” 110’s ambience was dubbed “casual elegance” by the group. Lindsay said, “Big windows along the front of the restaurant allow you to overlook some of downtown Worcester’s new sights. I can’t wait to spend and evening on the patio trying some options from the cocktail menu.” Stephanie added, “I was born and raised in Worcester and I really enjoy seeing my city grow and thrive.” The evening marked Worcester Foodies’ 86th consecutive monthly outing. They found a wide range of crowd pleasers from light and casual salads to comfort classics such as Meatloaf or Mac and Cheese and even all out NY Sirloin or Rib Eye Steak options.

Contributor Giselle Rivera-Flores continued her #SundayFunday series with trips to Boston’s Barking Crab and Worcester’s Hacienda Don Juan. Regarding the Barking Crab she wrote, “On any given day, the patio tables are lined with patrons enjoying the summer breeze and the distinct smell of the sea as they order signature items like the Crabby Coolers – a 32 oz drink of choice, usually with alcohol – or admire the King Platter – a 10lb lobster and mixed crab bowl as it is served to a nearby table.” Hacienda proved equally transportive on account of their corn loving dishes made with pupusas, tortillas, and tamales.

Mass Foodies welcomed a new writer this month. Dana Harrison, MS. Harrison is a nutritionist, educator, and fitness instructor with a simple approach to nutrition, health, and wellness. Harrison’s philosophy is, “Eat, move, love, and learn. It’s all a balancing act.” Her goal is to help others find their own balance through health and wellness with a concentration on nutrition education. She has amassed over 25,000 followers on Instagram with the handle @eats2know. Her inaugural article raised a toast to toast, getting personal with BirchTree. Harrison sees toast as a tool for portion control with a variety of nutrients and flavors.

Buck's Whiskey & Burger Bar on Green Street in Worcester, MAContributor Veronica Vann Jura visited Buck’s Whiskey & Burger Bar to scope out the atmosphere. She admired the original artwork by Tony Freitas, the narrow layout reminiscent of a ‘country-road,’ and even the tidy restrooms. The only thing missing from Buck’s was apparently the line dancing. There’s an idea for August…