Nuovo Restaurant announced last week that they’ve tapped The Queen’s Cups to bake desserts for their Shrewsbury Street restaurant. This is the first restaurant that The Queen’s Cups, which relocated from Millbury to its new home in Worcester this year, will be providing cupcakes for in Worcester. Renee King, founder and owner of The Queen’s Cups, explained, “I love Nuovo—their food, the atmosphere, the family; they’ve always been great to me, so when Loreta approached me to offer our desserts there, I immediately knew the partnership made sense.” For Nuovo Restaurant, which opened in 2011 and is operated by Chef Alex Gjonca and his wife Loreta, the addition of The Queen’s Cups to their dessert menu means Alex and Loreta can be creative offering cupcakes paired with seasonal drinks, a first in Worcester. “We can offer an apple cider pairing in the fall, hot cocoa for the winter, or even cordials depending on the kind of cupcake—because of the creativity the bakers at The Queen’s Cup have means the opportunities are endless. It will be fun to be able to offer the customer such a different way to end dinner.”

Nuovo expects to taste test options this week and hopes to have regular offerings beginning in the fall.