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Recap Map: September 2018

Rice Violet on Main Street in Worcester, MA

Great Restaurants That You Haven’t Thought Of In Central Massachusetts: These establishments are approaching dining from angles that may feel unfamiliar in the local dining scene. Check out a few spots that feel exploratory even in our own hometown. Restaurants like Addie Lee’s, Bay State Shawarma, Fatimas, Meze, and Red Pepper are valuable contributors to Worcester’s beautiful and complex multicultural identity.

An Allergy Story – Navigating the Restaurant Scene with a Food Allergy: Contributor Dana Harrison speaks with simjang, Armsby Abbey, and Lock 50 about how seriously they approach food allergies in their kitchens.

You’re Invite to the George’s Coney Island Block Party: On September 30th, the George’s Coney Island team transported us back through 100 years of history with a block party in celebration of their centennial.

#SundayFunday – Traditional Thai At Rice Violet: Contributor Giselle Rivera-Flores shares that in Thailand, sharing a meal is the social occasion and at Rice Violet, the embodiment of shared dishes and good company make it a #SundayFunday destination.

Five Destinations Fit For A Knowledgeable Beer Pairing: I am always in search of knowledgeable hospitality teams to help me land on the perfect beer pairing. I found what I was looking for at Armsby Abbey, Kummerspeck, BirchTree Bread Company, The Civic Kitchen & Drink, and Rail Trail Flatbread Company.

Live From Redemption Rock Brewing Co. On Shrewsbury Street: I went live with CEO Dani Babineau who took us on a tour inside the future home of Redemption Rock Brewing, set to open by December of 2018 at 333 Shrewsbury Street.