The pizzas at Wonder Bar re perfect for 2-3 people.  I tried the mushroom pizza, a simple but classic choice.  The red sauced pizza was covered with mozzarella and moist mushrooms.  The cheese was not overwhelming and the flavors blended well.  However, I think the salty kick from the grated parmesan available in jars at the table was a helpful addition to this pizza.  The crust is not too thin, which I appreciate as I’m not a fan of crackery thin crust pizzas.  I would have liked a little bit more crispiness to the crust but that’s personal preference. -JM

Wonder Bar‘s mushroom pizza is loaded with fresh mushroom. While the mushrooms were fresh and cooked nicely, I found this pizza a little on the bland side. It was much better once I added some red pepper and grated cheese, but I like a pizza that doesn’t require condiments. Overall an average pizza, at best. -DL

A mushroom pizza is tough to do, simply because it’s one of the most common items on any pizza place. At Wonder Bar, I was a little disappointed—partly to blame because of the other extraordinary pizzas I tied that night—because the mushrooms tasted like they came from a jar and were not seasoned before added to the pizza. While this pizza didn’t wow me, it wasn’t a bad pizza because the base is so good. -KP