We use all the cliché Italian sayings when we attempt to sum up our experience with the richness of the Italian food culture. From Mama Mia to bellissimo, it seems that we all have Italian heritage when faced with an incredible bowl of pasta or ricotta pie, but there is no other word that can be used to describe the Certified Meatball Company in Boston, except well-rounded.

Inspired by the neighborhood butcher shop – a place held in high regards in most neighborhoods for their fresh cuts of prime meat and skilled artisans – Certified Meatball Company brings to Boston all that is good with quality foods, recipes, and culture.

With a menu of spherical entrees, desserts and drinks, Certified Meatball Company lives up to its name with meatballs at the center of it all. Between the panini stuffed with multiple meatballs and the bao balls – a meatball with sauce on a steamed bun – there is much to be said about Certified Meatball Company’s dedication to the classic Italian dish. It is the foundation for every item on the menu and offers a variety of eclectic twists. From Moroccan lamb to spicy Korean pork to veggie meatballs, there is a wide range of options to turn an ordinary Sunday dinner into a full-blown palette exploration to satisfy the cravings of #SundayFunday.

At Certified Meatball Company, their passion for the meatball spills into their dessert menu with desserts like the sweetballs – a cake ball ruffle – and the famous “The Lady Liberty” – a $27 sundae that consists of sweetballs and ice cream atop an Oreo waffle. But if you are a non-meatball lover – if people like this even exist – take a trip to this South Boston location and explore the shareable cocktails and Thai teas. Order a Das Cup – made with Pimms, Underberg, strawberry-ginger beer, and mint – or The Cobbler – made with Oloroso and fino sherry, blackberry citrus and mint – and gaze the stars under a 23-foot long skylight opening the roof of the restaurant.