Everyone experiences an ‘aha’ moment at one point or another but for Next Door Café of Allston, that ‘aha’ moment has captured a new trend for bubble tea lovers. Originating in Taiwan during the 80s, bubble tea has spread into a worldwide phenomenon – boasting its unique twist on tea, whether iced or milked – and Next Door Café has shed light on a new serving style.

Typically, bubble teas are served in a classic, plastic, “to-go” cup to show off all the fruits, bubbles and ingredients floating in the tea but with the current trend of the millennial market, clear cups seem a bit boring. And let’s be honest, there is nothing boring about bubble tea. It is a tea made in two forms: a fruity, iced tea, filled with fruits, tea, and crushed ice or a milkshake-like tea, made of combining teas, milk, creamer, water, and ice. With over 30 flavors of bubble tea, it can be hard to choose a favorite, but the most common flavors include green tea, lychee, passion fruit and jasmine.

Staying in line with the trendy, hip, and not-so-boring elements of bubble tea, Next Door Café takes it a step further and serves their tea it in a lightbulb-shaped glassware. That’s right. Their ‘aha’ moment resulted in serving bubble tea in an ironic lightbulb-shaped glass and its making waves.

While the talk of the town is their trendsetting style of serving bubble tea, Next Door Café offers roll-up Thai ice cream and cubed toast to complement their fast-forward menu. Go for the creative lightbulb-shaped bubble tea drinks and stay for the Thai ice cream because #SundayFunday at Next Door Café is anything but boring.