Traveling for a food adventure has become the highlight of most weekends but in our #SundayFunday column, we look to expand the gastronomic pleasures of travel to feature some of Massachusetts’ most underrated food destinations.

#SundayFunday is the hashtag flooding Twitter streams and Instagram photo grids. It’s the one that sets the tone for the rest of the week and lets your followers know that you’ve enjoyed every last minute of the weekend – all the way up to Sunday night. A typical #SundayFundaymight start out with mimosas and bloody marys, but here at Mass Foodies, we want to expand that definition by highlighting some of the lesser known options where you can eat and travel in Massachusetts to close out the weekend. We’re going to give you a whole new understanding of what it means to have a #SundayFunday.

A burger and beer flight from Mac & Walt’s in Norton, Massachusetts

A burger and beer flight from Mac & Walt’s in Norton, Massachusetts

Norton, Massachusetts – the town of farms and Bog Iron Brewing – has a special treat in store for those looking to get into adventurous eating. If you’re a fan of Man vs. Food, then your cravings will be satisfied at Mac & Walt’s – an eatery of burger, beers and bourbon. From designing your own burger to indulging in the specialty of the day (usually so over the top, that it can only remain available for 24 hours), Mac & Walt’s packs its menu with popular dishes tailored with a twist.

An ordinary buttermilk chicken breast sandwich can always be upgraded at Mac & Walt’s with items like fried pickles, avocados, Chipotle Aioli, Bourbon maple sauce, fried onion rings, pepper jack cheese, and of course, bacon. With approximately 38 add-on options like sliced andouille sausage and Pine Valley Farm duck egg, burger and chicken sandwich perfection is possible with a little imagination.

But, before you pour a little brain power into your “create-a-burger” meal, ask about the daily specials. And if they mention the Mac & Cheese burger, order it. This special burger is a beef patty burger topped with string fried onion rings, candied bacon, ale cheese sauce and placed in between two mac and cheese buns. Yup, that’s right. This burger doesn’t call for your average bread buns, instead, this burger is epically placed between fried mac and cheese.

With over 40 bourbons to choose from and 12 craft beers on tap – including a constant rotation to incorporate newcomers – it may be hard to decide on just one beer; but, not to worry, this rustic, industrial style bar and grill gives customers exactly what they want: an epic beer flight featuring all of the beers on tap. Talk about #SundayFunday tradition!

#sundayfunday 🍔 SPECIAL … Candied bacon, onion strings and ale cheese sauce on a MAC & CHEESE bun! what!!!!

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