We know it sounds dramatic, “give me waffles or give me death.” But, after a visit to Zinneken’s, the phrase will resonate with you too. Named after the Zenne River, a river running through the center of Brussels, Zinneken’s brings the flavors of Belgium to Boston with its Liège waffle. And with the slogan, “Best Belgian waffles made by actual Belgians,” we had to see for ourselves.

Winner of the 2017 Best Bakery in Boston award by WGBH and the 2012 Boston’s Best Waffles award from CBS Boston and a lengthy list of other awards, Zinneken’s Belgian Waffle is a certified #SundayFunday destination.

Unlike most “Belgian waffles” sold in other eateries in Boston, Zinneken’s is made from a dense dough encrusted with imported pearl sugar directly from Belgium. This authentic Liège waffle pays tribute to the multiculturalism of its originating Belgian city and brings the ingredients of Europe to life-in-the-streets of Boston. Whether you are choosing from the warm, soft and chewy waffle or the light and crispy waffle, also known as the Brussels waffle, ordering waffles at Zinneken’s speak to our inner child with over ten topping options. The Berries Insanity – a waffle topped with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries – and the Gourmand – a waffle topped with bananas, whipped cream, and caramel – are among the local favorites but nothing tops the official Zinneken’s waffle: The Zinneken’s (appropriately named, of course). The Zinneken’s is the true Belgian tribute topped with whipped cream, Belgian chocolate, and speculoos – a type of spiced shortcrust biscuit, traditionally baked for consumption on or just before St. Nicholas’s day in the Netherlands and Belgium.

From their impeccable waffles to their European styled coffees including the espresso macchiato and the café mocha, taking a drive to Cambridge and walking down Massachusetts Ave with a warm, crispy waffle from Zinneken’s will leave you full on a Sunday afternoon.