Nestled neatly into the restaurant and bars along Water Street is a small, 50 seat establishment called Rocky’s. Opened in May of 2015, the bar offers a full menu and bar, and even two dart boards, if you’re looking to try your hand at something different. With it being the holiday season, several Foodies members thought it would be a great idea to throw an impromptu get-together and share some food, drinks and each other’s company before things spiral out of control into the abyss known as Christmas and New Year’s.

Albeit not our first choice (Whiskey on Water happens to be closed on Tuesday nights, FYI), Rocky’s offered a generous area for the group of 15 of us to spread our wings and get casual after a long work day. Naturally, I gravitated towards a burger, while other appetizers were ordered for the group to share. However, I was disappointed to see that there was only one variation of the American classic on the menu, called Rocky’s Burger ($8.95). It was a 1/2 seasoned ground beef patty, topped with lettuce, no tomato, onion, choice of American (American all the way) or provolone cheese, served on a toasted bulkie with a side of fries. You could then add bacon for an additional $2, which I gladly did.

As the night progressed and the good times rolled, I was presented with my burger. Portion size was great, and fries appeared to be cooked to a golden, crispy exterior, something about the burger just seemed to scream average. There was no sauce or noticeable seasoning for the burger; something that could kick it up a notch. It was topped with a small amount of sliced red onion and a few pieces of romaine lettuce to give it some freshness and a slight bite from the onion. I did find that the burger was cooked a beautiful medium; a tough task when it is just a ground beef patty. Seasoned well, the burger had good flavor, but once again was missing a small kick to put it over the edge. The toasted bulkie roll was a nice touch. Crunchy grilled marks and buttered, this bun choice was a great vessel for the burger. It was sturdy enough to hold up to the meat and it’s toppings, something that I find even the great restaurants struggle with…ones that should know better. While the bacon was cooked well, it seemed to have been cooked beforehand and then heated for service of the burger. The burger could have benefited from the flavoring of the bacon fat that renders as you cook it (it probably is as unhealthy as it sounds, but it’s probably delicious!). Also, for $2, I was hoping for a little bit more bacon as well. However, being that this was my first full meal of the day, I had no problem polishing it off in one sitting.

Overall, Rocky’s provided us Foodies with a great evening that we were able to share together. The owner and the staff was more than accommodating and seemed to thoroughly enjoy our presence as well on a relatively slow night across the restaurant business. The atmosphere and ambiance was enhanced by the company we shared, and the dinner was an added bonus. If you’re in the area of Water Street and are thirsty and hungry, stop on in and tell ’em Mass Foodies recommended it for you!

As this last entry wraps up a busy year in the food and burger world, I have time to reflect on all of the wonderful places I have had the chance to visit over the last year. Each one memorable in its own, unique way. I am hoping that this is only the beginning, not only a New Year, but a new burger adventure in 2017. Have a burger suggestion for me to hit up? Tweet me @EDioufUC5 and you might see your favorite burger spot on here next month. Until next time…