Hot and spicy at The Fix Burger Bar on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA

Are you like me and get excited when a new restaurant opens in Worcester? Even more so when someone introduces a new and refreshing concept? So when The Fix Burger Bar (part of Niche Hospitality Group) started teasing us with photos of their artisan burgers prior to opening it got me thinking I need to check this place out.

Just a short time after opening, Worcester Foodies made its way to The Fix. While it’s the former Mezcal location on Shrewsbury Street (Mezcal is now located on Major Taylor Boulevard in Worcester), The Fix now has more of a low key casual hang with friends feel – someplace where a burger and spiked shake would be comforting.

The Fix has a diverse enough menu that I am sure a group of friends each could find what they enjoyed the most – from beef, tuna or veggie burgers, a pretty good selection of “big fix” salads and even some main plates should you not want a burger. To get us started, we asked the waitress what were the favorites and the smile on our her face when she said tater tots told us we needed to order them. The blue cheese polenta tater tots were like soft pillows of polenta lightly crisped up to hold them together served with 2 complimentary dipping sauces- mild ranch or my preference buffalo spicy. The taters could have been more crisp to make it easier to enjoy the dipping sauces. But just enough taters to hold us over until the main dish.

Since The Fix opened, all I heard from friends who had already been here was get a burger, you won’t be disappointed. So burger it was going to be, but which one as there were 11 plus burgers (including create your own), I debated for a few minutes until I saw the “The Green Chili” burger and knew that was what I was having. Give me some spice and you made my day. My burger came loaded high with roasted poblano and jalapeno, softened and nicely ripe avocado, habanero cheddar cheese and rounding out the flavor some home made cilantro mayo – all served on a fresh sesame roll. Spicy with the kick I wanted but not overwhelming that I could not enjoy the burger. The burger alone was enough but it did come with a side of regular fries – normally I skip the fries but I went for it and swapped them out for veggie fries which were lightly battered and slightly crisp.

To round out my meal, I knew I could not leave without trying their speciality cocktail creations or “remedies” – my choice was the “Old Fashioned” Remedy, an adult root beer tasting treat kicked up with some whiskey and served over an ice snowball that melted so slowly allowing me to savor the flavors. Such a yummy taste that everyone wanted to try.

Niche Hospitality has another hit in the Worcester dining scene – if you are looking for a casual, low key place but with great food and creative drinks, The Fix is the spot! Get your friends out for burger night!