Editor’s Note: The same day that this original article was published, it was announced that 2Ovens would be closing their doors—fallout from their parent company, Bertucci’s, filing for bankruptcy on Monday. 2Ovens opened their doors in 2012 as the first location for the company’s new concept chain—which never took to fruition. RIP 2Ovens.

Dining out with kids can be challenging especially if the little ones haven’t yet perfected their table manners, but that shouldn’t stop mom and dad from enjoying a dinner without having to wash the dishes. Parents who sacrifice the pleasure of enjoying a restaurant because its too much of a hassle or it creates uncertainty, should not have to skip out on a great meal. Maybe you feel your children aren’t ready for the sophisticated experience at food havens like deadhorse hill, maybe your spouse or significant other isn’t ready for exotic ingredients at places like Baba, or maybe you’re not interested in a chef’s tasting at a restaurant like Lock 50, but there are plenty of restaurants in the region that will fulfill whatever expectation you have to make your family eating experience comfortable.

Just outside of Worcester, 2 Ovens is a hidden gem for family dining. Lunch or dinner at this Shrewsbury institution hailed as a foodie destination inspired by “a passion for brick oven cooking,” has quickly become a place to satisfy the taste palettes of children without sacrificing the adult appetite. With two handmade brick ovens from Italy, 2 Ovens boasts a menu of “brick oven fare,” signature pizzas, shared plates and most importantly, a thoughtful selection of children’s favorites for the kids’ menu.

Each oven is dedicated to its own food selection, with oven one focused on pizzas like the Margherita, the prosciutto, and caramelized onion, and the famous mac & cheese pizza – a pizza topped with sriracha chicken, smoked applewood bacon, spicy paprika aioli, and lemon pepper cream sauce – while oven two is focused on the entrees including the wild roasted cod – topped with olives, tomatoes, lemon pepper cream, bread crumbs, parsley oil, and tangy house slaw with Yukon potatoes – and the slow roasted bbq pork sandwich – drenched in a mustard bbq sauce, cheddar, mixed greens, crispy dill pickles and a toasted brioche bun. These hearty dishes are a fan favorite among the moms and dads that dine at 2 Ovens on a consistent basis. “As a family, we come here often. It is a great place to dine, watch a game, enjoy the evening and satisfy the kids all at once and for the price, we think it’s worth it,” said one mom as she sat across her husband and two children.

The children’s menu, as with most family-friendly restaurants, offers classic “kid approved” dishes like pizza, toasted cheese sandwich – aka a grilled cheese served with Yukon potatoes – and mac and cheese; however, there are options like salad and roasted chicken to balance out the kids’ menu. To add a little magic to every kid dining experience, each kids menu includes a scoop of ice cream. Hey, 2 Ovens, maybe you can add a scoop for moms and dads too?