We’ve debunked the theory that chicken fingers are the essential elements in building a family-friendly menu with our growing list of #FamilyEats restaurants like the short-lived 2 Ovens, the delicate and sophisticated Fancy That and the quick and ready Antonio’s Pizza. But, at the end of the day, we are on the hunt for restaurants that give us all a piece of mind when dining out with our little ones. Often times, the best kids menu is one that is tailored to simplistic palettes with adult-approved quality ingredients. While that combination is not as rare as it used to be, it is still hard to find. Except at Legacy Bar & Grill.

Tuna Melt from Legacy Bar and GrilleLocated in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Worcester, Legacy speaks to the welcoming vibes needed to calm the chaos of a “family night out.” The tables are equipped with drawing menus and crayons to keep your kiddos busy while the adults are drawn to waterfront views of Coe’s Pond through a bank of windows that lines an entire wall of the restaurant. Although the reservoir views are always a motivator to get to the restaurant early and snag a window table, it is the extensive bar and food options that are the biggest draw – for good reason. Michael Sobel, executive chef, and co-owner wanted to create a restaurant that provided the family neighborhood a place to go after a long day at work or in celebration of days off on the weekend and he has succeeded. In the short eight months since opening, Legacy Bar & Grill has become the neighborhood “go-to” restaurant because of its menu celebrating American classics.

For adults, dining at Legacy means ordering classic comfort foods like fish and chips, deep fried beer battered haddock served with fries and slaw; meatloaf, a mixture of ground chuck, wrapped in bacon and topped with mushroom gravy and onion strings over garlic mashed potatoes and your choice of veggies; and classic tuna melts. Legacy recommends accompanying each dish with a great cocktail from the signature drink menu. Whether it is the passion mojito or the Moscow mule, a great drink has the ability to heighten the experience and if the kiddos are eating and drawing on their colorful menus without attempting to crawl under the table, then the parents are more than deserving of one of Legacy’s signature cocktails. When parents dine in at the beginning of the week, they will be particularly satisfied by Legacy’s family-focused fun meals like Mac and Cheese Mondays and Twin Dog Tuesdays.

To be clear, these fun and interactive nights allow families to create and indulge in their favorite pastas, fun toppings, and various styles of hot dogs. While mom and dad can order a bowl of linguini tossed in Legacy’s homemade mac and cheese sauce and topped with shrimp, goat cheese, spinach and tomato – the kids can order a bowl of cavatappi tossed in the same mac and cheese sauce but topped with kid-friendly ingredients like chicken tenders and hot dog bites. The same rules apply on Twin Dog Tuesdays. Parents might order high-end dogs topped with avocados and pulled pork or even indulge in a Reuben dog with corned beef, sauerkraut, and swiss cheese while the little foodies stick to plain hot dogs with ketchup on the side.

There comes a point in the family dining experience where parents look at each other and question their decision to bring the kiddos to dine out, but at Legacy Bar & Grill, the concept of family dining is embedded in the very existence of the restaurant. From the owners – a family with a long history in the restaurant industry – to the menu, Legacy instills the importance of family dining in a setting that appeals to both children and adults.