Breakfast Pizza from Armsby Abbey on Main Street in Worcester, MA

Breakfast Pizza – White Bean & Bacon Puree, Pulled Pork, Swiss Chard, Prairie Breeze Cheddar and Caramelized Onion topped with two 145˚ Local organic eggs, Esplette and fresh Chives.

An early morning on a Sunday is usually greeted with aspirin and a large cup of coffee. The coffee part held true as we met for brunch at Armsby Abbey on Main Street in Worcester. We were 15 minutes early and although we were initially the first ones there, it did not stay like that for very long. Fast forward to 10:15 am and the place was packed, both in cozy booths and tables and at the distinguished bar. The menu from top to bottom looked delicious, but I felt that I needed something of substance for such an early morning. I decided on the Breakfast Pizza. On the menu, this was described as bacon puree, pulled pork, swiss chard, prairie breeze cheddar and caramelized onions, topped with two 145 degree local organic eggs, esplette and fresh chives. When this “pizza” arrived, it looked amazing. You could smell the fresh herbs and the quality of the ingredients were evident from the first bite. Once you break the egg of the yolk and let all that chicken goodness run into the cracks of the pizza, it creates a creamy yet complimentary textural contrast with the rest of the dish. The swiss chard was mild, much like you might expect of spinach on pizza, not bitter like it has the potential to be. The crust was soft yet crunchy in places and when combined with the cheese, pulled pork and onions it created a symphony of flavors that were sophisticated, yet refined and somewhat familiar…made you feel like home. I would definitely sacrifice my precious sleep to partake in this brunch again without a second thought! -ED

Armsby Abbey is known for its brunch menu and is also known for getting very busy very fast; getting here before they open and waiting in line is a great idea as there is limited seating in this place. Entering the door to Armsby Abbey I always feel like I’m stepping into a British pub situated in some quaint English town, partly due to the exposed brick and chalkboards scattered along the walls advertising the beer’s on tap.

True to their mission of promoting “SLOW,” the service was not rushed—here it’s all about the experience and the enjoyment of good, locally grown food.

The beers on tap may be very extensive but they also have a nice array of mixed drinks to order from. This morning I chose a Bloody Mary and from the menu which provides several options to customize to your taste. I opted with my glass topped with a mixture of a Kick ‘n pepper mixture, with olives and a pickle and, of course, the Piece de’ Resistance a thick piece of bacon. I asked for mine spicy but like the choice of accompaniments you can have this any way you like.

With our meals, my husband and I ordered a side of bacon— three long, thick and perfectly crisped pieces of bacon. I ordered the “Breakfast Pizza” which changes regularly (as does their entire menu). The Breakfast Pizza was delicious and I would order it again in a heartbeat. It had white bean and bacon puree, pulled pork, Swiss chard, caramelized onions and cheddar cheese, this was all topped off with two sunny side up eggs served in the middle of this delicious pizza. The size was perfect for one person.

Overall, Armsby Abbey is a great place for a relaxing brunch with friends and family. I would return here soon and look forward to my next visit. -RL