Bianca Ricotta Fior di Latte Chile Roasted Garlic Scallion Pizza from Volturno on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA

Perhaps in reading some of my reviews you may have gathered a little known fact about me. I am extremely passionate about pizza, specifically brick oven.

Therefore, when my turn came to select our next foodies’ adventure, it was foreseeable that I would choose the new brick oven pizza restaurant on the Worcester scene: Volturno(Disclaimer: if you are looking for customary plain cheese pizza, perhaps meat lovers, you will not find that here. This is authentic Napoletana style pizza, my friends. Expand your inner foodie!)

Yes, of course, I had already been here a few times, but I was eager to introduce my fellow Foodie friends to Volturno, by chance they had yet to try. I suspect no one was disappointed.

I appreciate so many things about Volturno. The décor is distinctive and reminiscent of an eclectic upscale renovated barn with a twist. The beautiful floor to ceiling windows of the building, even preserving the “Buick” stained glass (was a Buick dealership back in the day). They offer outdoor seating, which I am a big fan of and my opinion we need more locations in Worcester to have. The clipboard menu is a charming idea, although one recommendation is the menu is a little hard to read with the type font (although super cool). Love the fact the staff utilizes the iPad for placing orders and accepting payment. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, welcoming, and attentive.

A very kind fellow foodie ordered some appetizers to share. When I saw the asparagus, bacon and egg arrive, I thought, I have to try that. I need to make this for brunch! It was so delicious. The asparagus was cooked perfectly with breadcrumbs, a fried egg (yoke broke exquisitely over it all), and thick cut bacon bordering the asparagus. Wow. That is what I am going to say about this dish. Wow.

Then came deciding what pizza to order, I was going to stick to one of my beloveds the pistachio pesto pizza but decided I would try something new. I ordered the:  BIANCA RICOTTA FIOR DI LATTE CHILE ROASTED GARLIC SCALLION and I added sausage for good measure. This was remarkable! I will admit, and please do not think I am absurd but I did eat the whole pizza, by myself. Seriously, it was that good. The sausage has such a wonderful flavor, the flavor of the cheese, the roasted garlic just tantalized your taste buds, and there is a slight “kick” with the chile. The best part of the pizza for me is the crust, I love the flavor, thickness, and it is cooked to perfection!

I will be back to Volturno soon and I really hope you give it a try! -LB